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The plastic shaker is ideal to keep a small amount of spices handy while storing the rest of the spices left in a 250g, 500g or 1kg bag in a cool dry place. The plastic spice rack is available in matching colours to organize your spice shakers. Each spice rack can store 20 spice shakers.

Available colours are Navy Blue, Red, Yellow, Hunters' Green and White/gray-specled.

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PS: OUR Current Special - 1 FREE spice shaker for every 1KG Pack purchased!

Blue Spice Rack - R 23.95

Red Spice Rack - R 23.95

Blue Spice Shaker - R 1.50

Red Spice Shaker - R 1.50


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Yellow Spice Rack - R 23.95

Green Spice Rack - R 23.95

Yellow Spice Shaker - R 1.50

Green Spice Shaker - R 1.50

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White & Gray Spice Rack - R 23.95

White & Gray Spice Shaker - R 1.50

(All prices include 14% VAT)

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