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Perfected by the masters… Use these great spice blends to add flavour and colour to your food and you'll fall in love with cooking all over again!

Some tips and tricks for buying spices online

  • The safest possible online transactions is where you elect us to call for your credit card details.

  • The optimal (most economical) order quantity is between 10 and 15 kg.

  • For spice blends you can easily use a 1kg pack per month (especialy braai spices). But, for the kitchen essentials it is better to buy 250g at a time to avoid it getting old.

  • A spice shaker makes it easier to apply most spice.

  • A spice rack will organise your spice shaker collection.

  • Keep spices away from moisture and store in a cool dry place.

  • The South African post office takes 7-14 days to deliver a parcel. Express is available - buy very expensive. You may use your tracking number to determine where your parcel is.

  • Do not accept broken or damaged boxes. We send all orders out in impecable condition. All goods shipped is insured.

Braai & Grill Spices

Chicken Spices


Fish Spices



Sprinkles & Flavours

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